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This closet cosplay is inspired by the awesome one @CarmenMRey shared here, and also our discussion on this card about the new TV series John Ridley is going to direct for Marvel.
If you like the closet cosplay idea, I have an entire collection dedicated to cosplays that you can make from items you probably already have.

America's style...

Unlike most superheroes, America doesn't dress up to be a hero. She wakes up like this. Her color scheme is very consistent: red, white, & blue, with some gold and black. All of her outfits reflect her superhero identity Miss America, but her sense of style is very modern and accessible. So capturing her style can be very easy!


Black skinny jeans or a black unitard would definitely work with this outfit. They both have the benefit of being comfortable and fashionable.
Denim shorts would also work, and would definitely be recognizable as part of America's style. These high-waisted black sailor shorts are actually very similar to the ones that she wears in the comics.
The goal here is simplicity and silhouette. America wears clothing that adds bulk to her already muscular arms and shoulders, but often leaves her legs bare. If you add anything, is should be a patriotic belt buckle, like this one.


This is where America's superhero identity shines through. If you can, grab your Fourth of July gear (like this sweatshirt) and flaunt it!
Or, if you'd like to try something subtler, go for a shirt like this red-striped button down or a more casual version of the pullover.
Add a denim or black leather jacket to complete the look.


America tends to wear really subtle jewelry and really loud accents. What does that mean?
A lot of her clothing has a very DIY feel to it. Hand-sewn patches will make anything you own look really patriotic (and you can always remove it later).
Simple hoop earrings and a matching bracelet are all you'll need in terms of jewelry.

You're officially ready to show the laws of physics what's what!

@LAVONYORK @rydkercisneros @vulpix @purplem00n23 ^_^ I think you might appreciate this. And for anyone following my closet cosplays collection, let me know if you have any requests!
@rydkercisneros I'll do my best to make a card of it! Thank you :)
I wish I could see it!!! I bet it would be great!!!!@shannnonl5 and it is !!!
@rydkercisneros :D I might try to put one together this weekend. America is the BEST
omg I love it!!!!!!!
Love it!! I might have to work on my female spawn lol!
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