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We all have our favorite pop icons: Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, and even Dolly Parton. For this tutorial/project, you only need a plain tote bag and access to a printer. I think most have one, right?
The only thing you will need to purchase for this diy is iron-on transfer paper, which you can find at craft stores and office-supply stores.
Using any art program that you have on your computer, copy and paste your pop icon to fit as many as you can per sheet. Keep in mind that words need to be reversed since the application of the iron-on will be backwards!
Cut out your icons.
Arrange them on the tote to see how and where you like it.
Flip them over on your tote bag.
Using your iron, iron-on the icons to the bag.
After the images have set, gently peel away the iron-on transfer to reveal your pop icons that have been permanently sealed and transferred to the fabric of your tote bag!
How cute and easy is this, right?! I love these sorts of projects. It's a great way to upcycle an old bag and breathe into it new life. You can do this for t-shirts too, don't forget! <3 Click here for more projects!
So cool! Need to do this for my best friend. But of Marilyn Monroe (:
Thanks! @aabxo So glad you liked it. Marilyn Monroe would be so great!