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Hey everyone! My name is Sage. I'm just a quiet fanboy silently screaming on the inside. I mostly just stalk on here but every now and then I'll drop a comment or two. But I thought I'd introduce myself anyway. ^^ A little bit about myself: I'm a Capricorn and 24 years old (old for a Kpop fan, I know. haha). I work in a cubicle Monday through Friday (ugg) and am a huge supporter of the LBGTQ community because I am a part of it, haha. I fanboy over Kpop, certain anime, SPN, Adventure Time, video games, Studio Ghibli, and I love swordsmithing. I plan to be a swordsmith that travels with the Renaissance Festival. My fianc茅 is a work from home artist. I travel with him to conventions to sell his art. We live with our two best friends and have 5 cats, 2 dogs, and a snake. Okay then! sorry about that long spiel. Now onto the Kpop shtuffs!
My ultimate bias is.. of course.. Kwon Jiyong. ^^ G-Dragon is my absolute favorite. I think I fanboy harder than some fangirls over him sometimes... My bias group is Big Bang as well. These five boys will always be my favorite.
My second bias is Jeon Jungkook or just Jungkook. Though the rest of his group keep trying to push their way to the top of my list. All of BTS are amazing. Easily my favorite group to watch do random crap. ^^
And the last of my trio of biases: Amber Liu. Need I say more? It's Amber. xD
Some of my other favorite groups are Block B, VIXX, B.A.P., Nu'est, EXO, and more.
It is nice to meet you all! Sorry the introduction was late ^^ I look forward to fanboying/fangirling (and other) with you guys!
@kpopandkimchi Nice to meet you Kimchi! yay Capricorns *high fives* and will do! swordsmithing is petty awesome ^^ Thanks @poojas! yay for all the obsessions xD SPN is my natural go-to show to just have playing in the background at home.
@Shilolobun hah I just turned 30 but I've got Peter Pan syndrome soooo mentally I'm nearing 18. WINNING.
Hiiiiii!!! I'm old too, I'm 25 馃榾 but young at heart 馃挄 thanks for sharing!
Hiiiii! I feel like we would be friends in RL XD My collection of Renaissance weapons is pretty big <3 You have great taste and Biases ^^ Amber is my female UB and I can't pick in BTS but kookie is around the top. Nice to have you here!
Hi Sage! I'm Angie. Welcome! I love your biases (; I know what you mean about BTS. It's really hard to have a bias. Kookie is freaking adorable though. <3
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