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In a recent study collecting data from Facebook posts, it was found that most people aren’t LOLing any more. It seems we’ve all moved onto the “haha.”
1.9 per cent of posts featured LOL, compared with 51.4 per cent for "haha". Emojis featured in 33.7 per cent of posts and "hehe" came in third place with 13.1 per cent.

They call this the evolution of the e-laugh.

Basically, how you express those giggle funny feels on the inter-webs. It’s sorta a way to express your laughers, but also to reassure the other person you are keep a fun and casual tone.
Because we all know that a response like “Ok! haha” is better than just an “Ok!"
Other data that was collected shows that people laugh on the internet differently from state to the state.
To sum up: The South still “lol"s, the East coast is all about the “haha”, and California is NOT about that laughing emoji.

What about you? Do you haha or lol? hehe or express those happy feelings with a laughing emoji?

And furthermore, do the people that actually hehe sound like “hehe” when they laugh or are they expressing like a sneaky sort of laugh?
I would like to request some other E-laughing trends. Such as the “chortle” the “teehee” and “ROTFLMAO” (roll on the floor laughing my ass off), the belly laugh, and “LSHMCOMN” (laughing so hard milk comes out my nose). At least that’s what happens to me whilst reading funny Facebooks...
I'm with @jannatd93, I use all of them depending on what I'm trying to convey!
I do all the above! xD Depending on what fits the situation best.
@alywoah This is one of those moments I wish the like button could be pressed multiple times. I quite enjoyed your "if I'm feeling very Hispanic that day" comment. LOL
No I just said, “LOL” quietly to myself... @jordanhamilton
...yeah, that’s when you know you have to stop using LOL @jordanhamilton
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