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Every time you try to leave, something (someone) keeps pulling you back.

Fab wasn't lying when he rapped the line, "soon as you fall back, they crawl back" because that's literally how it always goes. You fall, they claim they need their space and you give them their distance -- eventually moving on and weeks later they hit you up like nothing ever changed. They begin texting you throughout the day with words and memories that faded like jeans that have been washed one too many times.
You try to keep the conversation short in hopes of not showing your true feelings, but you can't resist expressing how you feel just a little bit. "I miss you" would be way too forward, so you keep it at "I miss your company" -- not expecting a reply back, the incoming message reminds you why you liked this person so much and you sink back into those same feelings you tried to put behind you.

"You Can't Move Forward If You're Walking Backwards"

It's so easy for us to allow people to come in and out of our lives as they please if we are still harboring feelings within. In order to move forward you must first realize what matters most and at the end of the day that would be your sanity. Don't let someone use you as a door mat.
As much as you may be interested in that person and as many memories you have with that person, sometimes that's just not enough. If they wanted their space before, they will eventually want it again and it will become a cycle. Leave your feelings at the door and keep it moving.

"Sometimes You Have To Take A Step Back To Move Forward"

Retrace your steps, gain your sanity and find the strength to move forward. Either way, you'll leave your situation with a lesson learned.

"There Are Far Better Things Ahead Than What's Left Behind"

Don't discouraged. Losing something just means that there is something better out there for you. People lose money all the time, but that doesn't mean that they won't get that money back in the future.

Remain optimistic, do what's right for you and keep moving forward. It's not easy -- it never is, but it will be worth it.

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Don't ever let anyone use you as a doormat - amen to that!! You are so much more valuable than that. I kind of refuse to believe that people ever really change - like maybe 5% of the time they do. Maybe. But if he didn't want to stick around before, you're so right - what makes you think he will this time? Better keep your heart safe and use your energy on someone more worth it.