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Miley Cyrus has changed completely from her Hannah Montana days. Gone are the happy go lucky songs, blonde wig and teenie bopper fans. Miley has come into her own as an artist and I am here wondering why people have such a problem with her?
All the haters always have a select few words for our Miley, and every single thing they say makes absolutely no sense.

"She dresses so skanky."

WOWW are you really judging someone based off of their clothing? If you want to hate Miley for that, do you, just be aware that you are sexist and also an asshole. She has recently come into her own style for a young 22 year old. Nipple pasties, bright colors and very interesting fabrics make her the most interesting dressed most of the time. And yes, that isn't everyones style, but you can not judge her based on her outfits.
Especially because her male counterparts have posed a lot less dressed then she did.

"She's suppose to be a role model."

First off, shouldn't Miley being exactly who she is aka not bending and giving into societies pressure for her to "be normal" MAKE her a good role model? Besides that, all Miley does is dress crazy, stick out her tongue and sometimes dabbles in drugs. But lets be honest, kids are gonna experiment weather Miley does it or not and it's not like there has been any rehab scandal that most child artist have. Plus the only reason she is ever in the tabloids is because of her clothing so honestly she is one of the better super stars of Hollywood!
Miley is the spokesperson for body acceptance, sexuality acceptance and self love, but because she doesn't always wear a shirt she needs to be shamed? Nope didn't think so.

"All she does is stick out her tongue and look for attention."

Just please stop now. If you haven't already heard, Miley has done some pretty incredible things from taking a homeless youth as her date to the VMA's and lets him say a speech to raise awareness to starting and funding the Happy Hippie Foundation which help the tens of thousands homeless LBGTQ youth of America. She is using her fame, her reputation and her money to give back. If that isn't amazing I don't know what is.
So you may not like her music, (although if you actually listened to some of the less popular songs you would see how amazing she is) but people need to stop judging Miley because she refuses to conform to societies main steam ideals of beauty and ladylike behavior.

I mean really, what do you consider to be a positive influence?!

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@LizArone I grew up catholic. That had nothing to do with the topic we're debating here. I'm not saying she's a bad or good person. What I am saying is that the way she dresses at times does not flatter the kind and caring person she is. Many people who she her on the street when she dresses like that think of the kind, smart and caring person in the clothes, they think 'What a slut!' I think 'Really Miley? Can't you find a better show outfit designer? Your a better artist than that.'
It seems that not all of my post are coming through, but I hope that people are able to infer what I'm trying to say.
@nymrha oh sorry I must have been confusing! I only said I went to catholic school because they have mandatory dress codes and we would always have to represent the school no matter what as long as we were attending haha wasn't trying to bring in religion only the dress code!! But I appreciate your opinion and thank you so much for checking out the card! I love have conversations !
@LizArnone - Yes. But honestly, I was born in Nashville and it's a much smaller town than you'd think. The American Giving Awards were in LA - where I've lived the past 10 years. I have several connections with her. I was a consultant for a guitar company who worked with her dad, a member of his band, and a member of her band. So yeah... I've met her several times. She's actually much more grounded than you'd guess. I'm more her dad's age, BTW... I am old enough to be her dad... and I suppose I see things in a less judgmental way. We are not the clothes we wear. We are not qualified to judge others... to infer anyone's sexual habits solely from their clothes - this thinking should be done away with. There have been people who dress respectively who are wholly depraved and sick behind clothed doors and there have been people who have been labelled negatively who have hearts of gold. I truly believe that EVERYONE is far more complex than a public image or the news coverage of a single event could convey. There are MANY marketing people in the entertainment industry who believe that ANY talk about their client is good, it means they are occupying your thoughts and getting valuable mind-share. My personal opinion - and it's just that - an opinion and therefore it has no meaning or value to anyone but me really - is that there is no contract that comes with fame that says you have to be a role model. There's no contract that says you have to or should act a particular way. That being said I believe if you are truly self-aware you will realize - as I sure Miley has or eventually will - that regardless if you accept responsibility for being an influence - regardless if you ever cared or wanted to acknowledge that with fame comes influence - you do have influence and therefore how you choose to use that power says a lot about your character (or lack thereof). We each have our own paths - our own roads in life that we must travel... the path for one person may be the absolute wrong path for everyone else. That's the beauty of it... it's your path to discover and to embrace. I have respect and true affection for people who recognize that regardless of their own desires and intentions they've found themselves in a unique position to influence others - and in doing so they choose to lift others up, embrace the beauty and dignity that human beings can aspire to. These people are truly amazing and inspirational to me. Miley is a young woman who lives life under constant scrutiny while being pulled a 1000 different directions by people who all want a 1000 different things from her. She has made the choices she has. And regardless if they are right or wrong for any of us who may witness her public persona - they are the choices she made at the time and therefore part of her path - her personal journey. I think her story is far from being over and written. I think she has brought many people happiness through her music. And I hope that in the future she'll continue to use her influence to bring good things into the world for others to be moved and inspired by. Truly - it doesn't matter if any of us ever become famous or what have you... we can all make choices that bring good into the world around us. It just takes us making the choice to do so.
Wow @johnpatrickhyde that's amazing. And so is this article. She's really cool. Don't hate her at all.