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Hello everyone! My name on here is sugajin but my real name is arisa. I'm a kpop fangirl, kdrama fangirl, and anime fangirl. Hmm where to begin...
Well for starters DBZ is what started it all for me. I was really little when this came out and I remember watching this all the time with my uncle. Actually, my dad watched it too lol. The three of us would watch this all the time back then and sometimes we still do.
Another great anime I got into right after DBZ. I was so into this I collected the cards to make my own deck and would often duel with my uncle or cousins. Everything was good until one of my cousins actually stole my deck >_
NARUTO!!!! Okay I love this anime. From the storyline to the characters to all the amazing fight scenes. It's an epic anime that teaches you to never give up on your dreams and the true meaning of friendship. I strongly recommend this to everyone who has not seen this yet. Well I guess that's it for my intro. I have so much other animes to get into. I'm trying to get into one piece but there is just so many episodes. I had recently finished Tokyo ghoul and attack on Titan which are other great animes. Anyone recommend anything? Doesn't matter which genre.
@sugajin94 I have watched those anime too (*.*)
@sugajin94 haha it's quite alright Dear! ^~^
@sugajin94 Your Welcome, and nice to meet you too!
@DanRodriguez oh my god I love Neon Genesis! I just watched that anime like last year and barely finished the movies. I had no idea about the reboot though.
@sugajin94 Alright Dear!! No problem at all!! ^~^
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