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Have you met Keeping Up With Mina? His name is Mina Gerges and he is a celebrity photo re-creator except instead of being an exact replica, he does exact replicas with himself. It's taking the aesthetic and putting it on himself which makes for some very hilarious photos. Though the selection of photos I picked are very tame, many of the photos show way more skin and if you're interested, you can view his full collection here :

1. Beyoncé

"Outfit of the day *princess emoji*"

2. Miley Cyrus

"Forgot my waterproof mascara again *crying desperation face*"

3. Amber Rose

"Being a queen on the beach *wave emoji* *princess emoji* #Rosebud"

4. Nicki Minaj

"Watering the garden on this beautiful spring afternoon *water droplets emoji* *tropical flower emoji*"

5. Jennifer Lopez

"Scrunched up tinfoil and a see-through garbage bag never looked so fierce *princess emoji*"

6. Lady Gaga

"I shaved my eyebrows for this."

7. Ariana Grande

"Move, bitch! #VSFashionShow"

8. Kylie Jenner

"Feelin' my makeup today *canvas emoji*"

9. Kim Kardashian

"Feeling super fierce in my DIY version of #Kim Kardashian 's (probably super expensive) dress *princess emoji* Click link in my bio to see how I made it!"

10. Rihanna

"Not sure what we're looking at tbh"
This looks like it was so much fun to do. I love how he kept his materials super low budget. He's a creative dude.
This is amazing. Some are so spot on
The first one looks like Shrek hahaha
the rihanna one is the best :)
These are so funny. I agree @danidee, it's great that he kept his budget down and yet did such amazing recreations! I wonder what inspired him to start doing these?
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