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So @DetkaN and I were talking and it seems like a good time for a fic prompt... a NSFW fic prompt! So please only fill this prompt if you're mature enough for NSFW (= Not Safe For Work) fanfiction. And PLEASE mark your card so nobody mistakenly reads something they don't want to see!

Are you ready for this?

.... sure you are.

Here are your prompts!

Write a smutty one-shot with one of the following scenarios:
1. Imagine you and your bias are stuck in an elevator. Help is on the way but it will be a few hours. And you're both so bored...
2. It's summer time and your OTP are both at home. The air conditioner is broken and it's too hot for clothes...
3. Imagine it's your birthday. You've gone out for a nice dinner, and you think that's the end (it was so lovely, how could there be something else?) until you get home and...
4. You OTP have just returned from a really epic concert and they're full of adrenaline and singing all the songs off key and they just LOOK at each other and...
5. Imagine you're just getting out of the shower, and you hear a knock at the door. Knowing who it is, you decide to let them in...
6. Your OTP were in a stupid fight. They're over it now. All they have to do is kiss and make up...

Do the thing Vingle fic writers!

Become the smut peddler you always wanted to be! Please do so responsibly by making it clear in the title or first block of your card that it contains NSFW content. I'll post my response to the prompt soon (I just need to decide who to pick...). Have fun!
... Okay I can do this, I've been reading BTS smut for 3 days straight, surely I can piece something together.... XD Ill try and start it after work tonight.
@VixenViVi haha I been in BTS lately too wrote one smut with RapMon now working on another one. @shannonl5 I might jump in to that too...but who to choose??? Block B or BTOB????
@shannonl5 oh GOD hahaha let's see what I can do...
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