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These clay cat coasters are impossibly cute and easy to make! Clay allows you to make just about anything! In another card I showed you how to make adorable cake toppers out of clay, which you can see by clicking here!

Supplies Needed:

oven bake clay
kitty coaster template (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
X-Acto and plastic clay knives
nonstick mat
rolling pin
acrylic paint
clay sealer


1. Start by rolling out some clay that is at least 5" X 6" big and about 1/4" thick (use acrylic rulers on either side that are the same height so the clay has an even thickness).
2. Next, you need to print out the template in the supply list and cut out the middle of the cat head so the outline remains. Use the outline as a template on the clay to trace around the edge with an X-Acto knife or clay knife. Cut the paper circle template on the dotted line and place it on the middle of the clay cat. Cut out the circle (you can also use a circle cookie cutter here if you have one about the same size).
3. Go ahead and roll out more clay and cut another cat face using the paper template, but don't cut a hole in this one (the cat with the hole will go on the bottom and help create an indent where your cup can rest).
4. Place the cat without the cutout on top of the one with the hole, and line up all the edges.
5. Smooth out the two edges together with the rounded end of a clay knife (or your fingers) to hide the seam.
6. Finally, place the coaster on a piece of parchment paper so it's ready for baking. Then use the pad of your pinky finger to press down the middle of the top layer all the way to the edge so it sinks to the bottom and you have a nice round indent where you can set your cup. Bake according to instructions and allow the coaster to completely cool.
Be your most creative when it comes to the painting process. Use your acrylic paints and after it's dry, seal it with clay sealer.
This is a perfect project for kids too! Enjoy!
Thanks @yernaya I want to see if I can make cute little pigs too. <3<3<3
soooo cute!