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La Corda D'oro Review!


Kahoko Hino is a student in the General Education section of Seiso Academy. One day she runs into Lili, a musical fairy, who grants her a magical violin and a place in the school's annual musical competition. Kahoko refuses, only to be pressed on by Lili until she accepts the instrument and place in the concours competition. As she practices, Kahoko is amazed that she can play any musical piece as long as she knows the tune and plays it with her heart. As the competition goes on, she becomes more and more attached to the people she is trying to compete with and begins to love the violin.

Which male character was your favorite?

My favorite was Tsukimori Len!

Favorite Scene:

When Hino goes back to see whats wrong with Tsukimori, because she realizes that his hands were really hot, he might have a fever and the last time she touched his hands they were cold. By the time she gets back to the room Tsukimori is collapsed on the ground and Hino was going to call for help but he told her not to. So she just let him rest on her shoulder and they both fall asleep. Tsukimori wakes up and sees that Hino is asleep and she sneezes, so he gives her his jacket and he goes homes. This was the cutest scene!

Hino Kahoko

She is the main character from the general education at Seiso Academy. Hino is sweet, innocent and feels guilty all the time later on in the show because everyone is always telling her that they love her music but they don't know that she has a magical violin. I love her character!
He is the first out of the five guys that she meets accidentally one day when she was carrying a stack of papers, and bumps into him near the stairs and almost falls when he catches her realizing he bumped into her. He plays the piano and keeps it a secret from everyone til Hino finds out one day.
This my favorite male character! Tsukimori is the 2nd person Hino meets. He is like all the other main male characters in other animes that end up with the girl. He makes fun of Hino, hides that he likes her, and is mean to almost everyone. He showed Hino how beautiful the violin and music was. And he is super handsome.
Hino meets both Hihara and Yunoki 3rd. Hihara is that one character that everyone likes because he is so fun and energetic with his trumpet. He helps Hino when she gets stage fright infront of the school when she is challenged to perform a song. I could tell long ago that he likes Hino, he blushes slot and even admits it himself but won't tell Hino.
Yunoki is a character that is nice to everyone, is always smiling, he plays the flute "as a hobby" he says and in the beginning protects Hino from his fangirls around the school. Later he shows his true self to Hino and she is the only one that knows this side of him, but little does she know he also likes her.
Shimizu is so adorable, he plays the cello and he always sleep. The first time Hino met him he was asleep on the ground, she was walking and didn't see his leg out and tripped over him. Her reaction to him was that he was "beautiful". He usually doesn't know what's going on around him and I think he has a little crush on Hino too later on because he said "I want to listen to her music" but he doesn't know it because he is so pure.
Fuyuumi is another character that takes part in the competition, her and Hino are the only females in the competition. Fuyuumi is a shy, nice and radiant girl that plays the clarinet, and becomes good friends with Hino. She wants to be just like Hino which made Hino sad because she felt fake and didn't like the fact that she was lying about being able to play the violin, when it was a magical violin that anyone could play if they put there heart into it.
Lili is the magical fairy that only the founder of the school and Hino could see. She gives Hino the magical violin and tries to helps her through any difficulties.


Brand New Breeze - Kanon

Top 3 Favorite Characters:

1. Kahoko Hino 2. Tsukimori Len 3. Hihara Kazuki
@poojas I've never seen it actually but it looks amazing. I'm a musician myself so I'll defintely give it a try! Thank you!!!!!:D
I haven't so I'm adding it to my list @poojas...
Yeah this was good :)
I love this one it's good
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