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Random Advice
Now, when you love someone or you are dating someone you truly love, how do you make sure they and the people know that they are yours (no not like an object,i mean as they are taken by you, hehe)?
maybe a ring can prove it?
a necklace, perhaps?
a hickey? *wink wink nudge nudge *
PDA (public display of affection)?
nope, none of that. just pee on them xD mark your territory.
especially if they are rumor to be with someone else... cr to owners of the pics p.s this is meant as a joke...do not pee on anyone ;-;
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Hahaha. I love that music video @kpoplover14 XD that's one way to mark your territory... Maybe you should just get matching t-shirts instead ^.^ (it's way more sanitary lol)