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*GASP* Someone spoke out against the Kardashians. OMG. On live television. In a major city like Orlando. Is this really happening right now!? Fox 35 news anchor John Brown of Orlando walked off set in the middle of Good Day Orlando. Saying that he was "having a good day" until a story about the Kardashians popped up on his teleprompter led him into a full-on-air meltdown. His co-anchor, Amy, was utterly embarrassed while another anchor stepped on set to help save the unexpected departure. Though all of the anchors tried to calm down Brown, he went into a full meltdown screaming "I'm sick of this family!" and "It's a non-story!" also saying that no one cares about the Kardashians which is untrue if you look to ratings and statistics.
John Brown did post this clip to his Facebook writing, "Here is the Kardashian rant. Sorry, I lost my mind a bit, although it was partially in jest! I did feel better though after I was done."
Though I know a lot of people agree with him, it was extremely unprofessional. He is paid to talk about whatever is put on that teleprompter regardless if he believes it's news or not. Yes, the Kardashians are so infused with the news that they are completely unavoidable however, Americans loves them even if people say an unbelievable amount of hate. We LOVE to hate the Kardashians yet people follow them making them the most followed celebrities in the world, we buy their products giving them riches, and we flock to see their tv show giving them better ratings each time. So for him to deny their notoriety is ridiculous. Yes, it is annoying sometimes constantly hearing about them but they are as American as it gets.
Here is the clip...

What did you think about his on-air meltdown?

I don't think news anchors should have to talk about celebrity news, unless we're going to admit that morning, regular news casts have fallen to being celebrity news traps.
I feel like anchormen come off so crazy sometimes hahaha. I think because they have to maintain composure on TV, so when something spontaneous happens, all the anchors are like "Hahaha! Oh, John!"
lol that was funny . but shit if womeone doesn't want to talk good about somebody they shouldn't have to even if they are getting paid to do it live just so they can get rating yeah Kardashians are cool && shit but sometimes they do go overboard I only watch the show when I'm bored && have nothing else to watch that's it . I love Kloe thooo .