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Mortal Kombat was a videogame that never got the quality movie treatment it deserved.

New Line Cinema and Broken Road is looking to change that, as they have bought out the big guns for a remake of the classic video game series!
Tracking-Board is reported this weekend James Wan just signed on to produce a new Mortal Kombat movie for New Line Cinema and Broken Road. Wan latest movie was the blockbuster hit Furious 7. His extensive background with action films make him the perfect director to take this film to the next level.
According to the report, the next Mortal Kombat movie will be written by Oren Uziel (Mortal Kombat: Legacy) and Dave Callahan (The Expendables, Godzilla).
They also released a little blurb on the plot of the upcoming flick:
“centers around a seemingly harmless guy who realizes his potential when he finds himself caught in the middle of a cross-dimensional battle between the warriors of Earth and the monsters of Outworld. Now, in order to stop the world from total destruction, he must win the martial arts tournament known as ‘Mortal Kombat’."
This movie is long overdue a strong set up. The characters of this video game are incredible and have so much room to build a great backdrop upon. I can’t wait for Wan to bring this movie to life!
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Dave Callahan was responsible for The Expendables? Fire him! This is going to be a flop. Bring on the writers of something epic like "Heroes" or "Crouching Tiger". I'm still looking forward to the new movie though because hey it's Mortal Kombat. Perhaps James Wan's mad production skills will cushion the blow.