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Bra Deflects Bullet; Saves A Woman's Life
Well, here's a news headline that's got all sorts of girl power behind it. Apparently, a 41-year-old German woman's life was spared when her bra was able to stop a stray bullet.
The woman was taking a scenic bike ride through a field in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany when she felt a sharp pain on the side of her chest. It turns out that she had been riding through a boar hunt and was accidentally shot at. However, the bullet had actually bounced off her underwire!
Bullet-deflecting underwire? We're that much closer to becoming Fembots.
The 6.5mm bullets used by the boar hunters are high-velocity and can kill at long distances. In fact, in 2008, a man died in a similar accident in a nearby town.
According to police spokesman André Falke, "Those in charge of the hunt then immediately broke it up." The bra was also surrendered to the police as evidence in any possible future court hearings
"The woman's underwear did her a very valuable service," he added.
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