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So you've eaten those deep-fried Twinkies, snacked on some deep-fried butter, and even dabbled in some deep-fried beer, but have you tried the newest county fair food craze?

Yes, for those carnival-goers trying to cut down on calories, there's now a deep-fried Slim Fast bar!

The deep-fried Slim Fast bar is the latest creation of "Chicken" Charlie Boghosian - the man behind other equally bizarre eats like deep-fried Kool-Aid, deep-fried Oreos, and the triple decker Krispy Kreme cheeseburger.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Boghosian describes his 'process': "I was having a fry fest at my house, where my family and friends bring things they think will fry well, and I thought I'd deep-fry a Slim Fast bar because it was a total oxymoron."

The deep-fried Slim Fast bar consists of a piping hot Chewy Chocolate Crisp Slim Fast meal replacement bar encased in fried dough and covered with a dusting of powdered sugar with a chocolate syrup finish.

Did that sound like poetry? That's because IT IS.

Patrick Henderson, a food reviewer for the San Diego Reader, gave the Slim Fast bar "3.5 defibrillators out of 5," mostly because it tasted better than a regular Slim Fast bar. David Moye of the Huffington Post gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars, citing that you "can't really taste the Slim Fast".

Want to judge for yourself? "Chicken" Charlie and his deep-fried Slim Fast bars will be making the fair 'rounds' in Southern California - currently at the Orange County Fair (July 17 - August 16), Los Angeles County Fair (Sept. 4 - 27), and The Big Fresno Fair (Oct. 7 - 18).

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@alywoah best diet food ever??
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