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If you're in need of a best friend, turn to drying lotion.

It wasn't until I googled ways to get rid of a monstorus blemish and Mario Badescu's drying lotion came up with reviews for days -- literally. I rummaged through the reviews as I would any other product I'm considering and I couldn't find one negative review. Not one. I ran to my local cosmetic company and purchased a small bottle [it's really small] for such a huge price, my heart sank into my stomach but it was so worth the money spent.
When I say this drying lotion is the holy grail of all holy grails, I am being extremely genuine and I believe that every woman -- and man should own a bottle for those random blemishes that pop up. On the flip side, while doing my research -- I came to find out that the two main ingredients in this magical mixture are two products you more than likely have in your house. So the smart thing to do would be to do it yourself and save the money for a rainy day. This diy mixture claims to work just as good for half the price -- sounds too good to be true? There's only one way to find out.

DIY Ingredients:

calamine lotion
tea tree oil
small container

Step #1: Mix together both the tea tree oil and water.

Step #2: Take dropper and fill up half the bottle with calamine.

Step #3: Fill the remaining half with water and tea tree mixture.

Step #4: Allow calamine lotion to settle to the bottom.

Step #5: Use as a spot treatment. Let sit on blemish overnight. Rinse and moisturize face in the morning.

If you're not a believer after making yourself some drying lotion -- you're obviously doing it wrong.

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I would swear by this, except I have really dry skin, so I use moisturizer to help get rid of my blemishes. Different things for different skin types, but yes! Use this DIY that product is hella expensive and this is a great alternative @JordanHamilton
I have combination skin. I swear by Mario Badescu's drying lotion, so I feel like this diy would be perfect. I'm def going to give it a try! @TessStevens