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Helloooo. So I'm on a train to go back home from NY to VA. Yup. For the next 5 hours I'll be on this train. So, I have a lot of time to write up this card for part 2 to the concert! So if you all are still sticking around to this, then thank you! Read Part 1: You all know that I fangirled. Heck, I fangirled like CRAZY. The next performer was....


Now, I gotta tell you all that I'm NOT the HUGGEST fan of girl groups.... but I have to give it to AOA. They were pretty impressive. They performed -Heart Attack -Like a Cat -Short Hair And two other songs that I cannot remember the titles for the life of me. Sorry! D: Next up it was....

TEEN TOP (o^▽^o)

1) Intro/5 Seasons

Their intro started out with the beginning of one of their new tracks 'Hot Like Fire' which I was really excited to watch live, but they shifted gears and started performing 5 Seasons! I was REALLY suprised since it's more of a slower song. But they were AMAZING and their voices sounded like BUT-TAH. xD

2) AH AH

Okay. So... this song is SOO GOOD. And you know that Teen Top has their footwork down. They did NOT disappoint. AT ALL.


YESSSS. Them BODY ROLLS. This was one of my first Teen Top songs so you already know that I was going crazy over this. They were PERFECT!


This was also one of my first Teen Top songs so again, I was going crazy. And the song and dance is SO gosh darn catchy that you HAD to dance to it. Well... in my seat. But you know what I mean. They were just AMAZINGGG.


You already know that they were going to perform this song. The whole crowd was singing along with them. And their footwork was FLAWLESS. Ugh. I have no words. NONE. It was a perfect ending to their performance. (*¯︶¯*) Next up was probably everyone, well not for my sisters and I. Lol, but for a majority of the crowd's most anticipated group....


Again, I'm not a big fan of SNSD, but I did know 4 out of the 5 songs they performed. And they did REALLY well. They performed: -Catch Me If You Can -Chess -Gee -Genie -Party So, we are drawing to the end of the concert sadly... I swear if felt like 30 minutes. But it was a solid 1 1/2 hours of performances. All the members of the groups came out for one last showing and the whole crowd have them a standing ovation. They were all FANTASTIC!
I sorta FREAKED OUT when I saw VIXX and Teen Top standing next to each other. -Squealing internally- o(≧▽≦)o I left out some small parts of the concert like: -Ken and Leo sang a REALLY small part of 'Talking to the Moon' by Bruno Mars. Literally. They sang like 20 seconds of it. But those 20 seconds were GLORIOUS. -3 members of AOA sang part of 'New York' by Alicia Keys -Niel and Chunji sang a part from a song that I unfortunately didnt know the name of... but they sounded BEAUTIFUL. And that was the end of it. It literally all went by in a FLASH. I heard from some people that after you go to a K-Pop concert, you have 'Post concert depression'. Which my sisters and I have 200% It's weird. I feel so empty...although I got to see them. I've been trying to AVOID listening to any Teen Top and VIXX songs. I think I might just cry if I do. Ugh... I shouldn't be sad. But I am. Ugh....OTTOKAJI?! Okay. Now I'm offically DONE. Sorry this was SO LONG. If you actually read through both of the ridiculously long cards, THANK YOU. You deserve a thumbs up!
Lol. Literally I took that selfie as I was walking out of the concert. It's a horrible picture, but I wanted to use it somehow. xD Anyways...

THANK YOU AGAIN and I hope you liked it! (*^ω^)

Wow, it sound like u guys had blast, congratulations!
@KpopGaby That would be AWESOME. :D @chongx And it was! We really needed a break from everything at home and whatnot. :)
@stephainedoung oh cool I'm from Woodbridge
Oh my snap! I am too! Not bad price wise. How much did it cost to get there?
You are from VA? Which part? Also, about how much did it cost overall? I wanted to go but the price was holding me back.
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