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In case you hadn't noticed, Kendall Jenner has an awesome sense of style. Everything she wears is on-trend without being over-the-top, and almost everything she wears has a 90's minimalist feel to it. When she reps Calvin Klein, the designer with a super 90's chic aesthetic, and when she's doing her off-duty street style, Jenner nods back to the 90's.
Jenner wasn't even born until 1995, but she looks like an early-90's Kurt Cobain fan (in the best way possible) in ripped jeans, combo boots, and a simple tee.
Only Jenner could wear a long-sleeved turtleneck and calf-length taupe vest and still look young so understated for a Kardashian. She has ageless dressing down pat.
She made sweats look sexy somehow, and then dressed them up with a crisp white blazer and lace-print oxfords. Who else would dare try to work this style?
Her high-neck knit bodysuit fit like a second skin that few of us would dare to wear. Paired with cuffed boyfriend jeans, it's a 90's minimalist look to love.
She wore taupe from head-to-toe, including a turtleneck sweater that subtly showed her lacy bra, and looked totally party-ready while doing so.
She showed navel with a long-sleeve casual tee tied up into a belly shirt, with a leather mini. You know it's not the 90's unless your belly button's showing.
And finally, she rocked the red carpet in a sexy-meets-androgynous black sheer top, bra, and slacks combo that only Jenner could make look young and fresh.
I don't blame you, @StephyBAP! She has such a different look and way of dressing from the rest of the family, and it feels often much more fashion-forward.
I think I only like Kendall Jenner out of her entire family
@Gavriella and she get all the attention on her and she doesn't care
I think she could rock anything and look good. But the black pants in the last shot are simply too tight.
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