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Supplies Needed:

8 oz. oven bake clay (most are sold in 2 oz. packs)
Colored artistic wire (16 gauge is thick and tricky to work with, 18 is easier and 20 is the easiest)
acrylic paint
something round to help with shaping (optional)

Step One:

Using your wire and possibly a pair of pliers and another round object, shape your word or phrase. Keep in mind that the width of your word needs to be about 1" less than the width of your clay base.

Step Two:

Turn on your oven and set the temperature to the manufacturer's instructions. Roll out and shape your soft clay so that it's about 1" wider than your wire word.

Step Three:

Carefully insert your wire phrase into the clay to create holes for it to rest in. You can gently make an impression and then use different wire to poke into the clay so you don't bend anything out of shape, too. Then follow manufacturer's instructions for baking time and bake your clay block. Once it's out and cooled off, paint it with acrylic paint.
Once everything is cooked, dried and set, pop in the wire word and you're done! If you love simple and cute clay projects like this one, then you should see the others that I have shared on Vingle. You can click here to see the next idea in clay.