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Everybody knows this guys call Autocorrect! He makes a fool of you, he makes people laugh at you or hate you, he causes the worse misunderstanding among family members, friends, coworkers, anyone... he is not partial! Trust me, I very much prefer the sting of Karma(she's my girl) than the ridicule of this guy! My message to you sir-- EVERYONE HATES YOU!! YOU SUCK!! and LOOK WHAT YOU DID!! Here I have displayed some of his handy work...
So many more but I'll stop here. I couldn't find any of my own, but I'll add it as soon as I get caught. What kind of trouble has it gotten you into?? @LizAranone @nicolejb and any other autocorrect victim
Hahahaah I remember a couple months ago texting my sister with "I JUST GOT PAID!" but it changed 'paid' to 'laid'. SIIIGHH.
@mistymaity I corrected it right away and she just laughed at me a whole lot :'(
@danidee oh no! dwl!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @danidee I’m dying.
Oh man, at least my auto correct wasn’t as bad as these ones! haha that’s so bad.
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