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This is a great and easy tutorial for turning drawer knobs into wall hooks. Now imagine if you had some decorative drawer knobs, like ceramic, or glass or brass...you can make some really cool wall hooks that speak to your style!


power drill


drawer knobs
#10 2" hanger bolts
12-14-16 ribbed plastic anchors
primer and paint (optional)
masking tape (optional)

Step One:

Use pliers to screw hanger bolts into the holes of your drawer knobs, making sure you have the right size hanger bolts for a very tight fit. Just be sure you have drywall anchors that will fit the larger hanger bolts.
Note: Be sure to only grip the non-threaded part of your hanger bolt with the pliers or you will strip the screw. If you don't have a non-threaded part on your hanger bolts, then you can twist two nuts together onto the threaded part and grip the nuts to twist the hanger bolts into place.

Step Two:

If you aren't using pre-finished knobs, stain or prime and paint your knobs the color of your choice.

Step Three:

Arrange your knobs according to your liking on the wall. Then, drill a hole ever so slightly smaller than the diameter of your drywall anchors.

Step Four:

Use a hammer to tap the drywall anchors into the holes. If an anchor begins to crush rather than sink into place, your hole is too small. Drill it one step larger and try again.

Step Five:

Screw the knobs into the wall anchors. Anchors will allow you to hold super heavy purses and that sort of thing. However, these are NOT to be used as wall climbing hooks! Not only could you fall and get hurt, but your wall would be destroyed!
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