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OH SWEET JESUS.....there are so many things I wanna rant about but first things first.... Part 1 Part 2 Spank you to the lovely team, Nahae and Afrah, who sub this for us....you're absolute angels ♡ Now warning.....imma proceed with a rant that may offend some people but this is just my opinion....if it offends you, apologies ahead of time.
Alright on to my rant.....the whole situation with Blacknut and Hanhae just makes me sick. Brand New honestly disappointed me.....I thought they were more secure in themselves and their opinions and had the integrity to uphold their decisions. We all know MNET is shiesty but I had faith in Brand New. I dunno what went on behind the scenes or how (or if) PDs influenced San E and VJs decision.... evil editing and such....but the way it played out on the show was fucked up. And I, for one, just flat out am not okay with what went on.
Eliminating Hanhae after he had mentally recovered from the guilt of the previous elimination and prepared lyrics and helped plan the group performance..... was just blehhhh. I felt bad for Blacknut, yes, but the elimination was over with....the thought of going back on their decision wasn't even brought up as they were planning for the diss battle. So to spring that shit on Mino after he had based his entire performance with Hanhae as his opponent..... was just plain shitty. THEN Blacknut's behavior during the actual battle was flat out disrespectful. I understand he was going all out but damn. And it was plain to see why they brought Blacknut back.....he's SMTM's problem child. He gets the ratings. I don't know if things would have played out in either team's favor had they stuck with their decision but changing their decision like that was hella backhanded and sheisty. But trust, I still got mad crazy love San E and Herbal Mint ♡ I was mildly disappointed with Basick's rap during the diss battle. It didnt blow my mind but it wasnt bad. Microdot brought it tho. Threw his shirt off and errrthang..... lol. Mino pretty much chewed the competition up....if Blacknut hadn't been laying on the floor distracting peeps.....ZiPal might've won. Just my opinion tho. Team AOMG and Team ZiPal are facing elimination ⊙︿⊙ Like wtf is that shit??? The rules that AOMG and YG laid out before their battle got "muddled" to say the least when it came down to the actual performance.... Team AOMG stuck to the rules of no personal attacks and keeping family out of it but YG got personal. Which I thought was cheap. But anyway moving on, only one contestant can move on to represent the team for performance....
My bae was chosen to represent Team AOMG in the solo performances.... and he had trouble with memorizing his lyrics yet again. But he killed once it came down to the actual performance. He had to hit Mino where it hurt.
And yeah...it did hurt.....
Its really true there is power in those words. I feel bad for Mino. If he does win....it'll be expected. Joining this competition was like walking a double edged sword. He's criticized if he does well and he's criticized if he doesn't. There's no winning.
Spoken too true, Zico. I mean, to me, this battle between Lil Boi and Mino IS the championship. I really dunno who's gonna win I'm dying to know but I'm also dreading the answer. I was really hoping it wouldn't go down like this but I guess I'll die...I mean I'll know when Episode 8 comes out.
I really really REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY hope Lil Boi wins..... If you've read spoilers keep them to yourself lmao.....Mama ain't ready to know how it all goes down yet.
Agree with you on the Black Nut diss and when Mino was rapping he took the attention off of Mino and onto himself. I like AOMG and lil Boi but I personally think ZiPals performance was way better than AOMG's
@B2STANG88 uuuuuggghhh I know! I'm taking this as the finale.....I respect Mino and actually dig Mino. I think the boy is a monster and definitely a force to be reckoned with and Zico, I love him. Paloalto...he is just amazing.....i mean it was a solid performance but I dug AOMGs beat and Lil Boi's lyrics way more. Like shit was HOT. I kinda felt like Lil Boi wasn't being himself with the fur coat and all that but once he got on that beat, it was like Yassss that's my bae!! LOCOOOOOO OMGawwd his verse was outta control....and I can't get the first line of Jay's rap outta my head "I don't need a job I'M A MOTHERF*CKIN BOSS" Lost my mind....it was flippin brilliant. I'm AOMG biased....I can't help it.
I liked AOMGs performance much more than ZiPals. BUT i do love both mino and zico. Zico especially since i got into hip hop through block b. BUT i wanted geegoin for AOMG cause he was way better dueing rehearsal. Thank goodness Lil boi did GREAT. Im just mad cause wth both teams are fab and superb. Neither is better. Just sometimes the reactions are crazier and performances differ. I felt that ZiPal had alot of guitar (which was awesome) but didnt go smoothly with the rap. Im just joping AOMG wins. Their perf was so GOOOOOD. But i love ZiPal. Damn. How is this nt the friggin finale. Aish. And THAT BEAT THOUGH!!! AOMGs beat killed. Man jay. That was gonna be on ur album?! Omg that beat was friggin sexy af
I NEED TO WATCH SMTM4...why do I keep procrastinating? T_T