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Black and white photography will never go out of style because it's such a classic look. But let's not forget that bold color on black and white imaging is also pretty classic. Warhol may have started the trend, but it's not going anywhere.
Here's how you can mimic a Warhol by hand coloring your own black and white photos.

Supplies Needed:

Black and white pictures (printed on cotton or linen)
watercolor paints
paint brush
The trick to getting excellent quality is the paper. Almost all office supply centers have a print center where you can have your digital black and white photos printed on cotton or linen white resume paper.

Tip 1:

Start with light coats of paint, water it down a bit before applying. You can always add more color, but you can't go back if you apply too much.

Tip 2:

Photos with more contrast and darker areas look more realistic when painted. Photos with large blocks of white space (or very light tones) will show more brush marks and look less realistic.

Tip 3:

Print extras so you can practice and change things up. You may find that your second run looks better in pink, rather than blue. You never know.
Admire your artistic skills and be proud of what you've done by framing them and hanging in your office or around your home! For more projects like this, click here.