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Delicate hibiscus flowers, juicy berries, and sweet honey mingle with the power of nutrient-packed chia seeds for a guilt-free summer treat.

Last week, I wrote about the amazing benefits of chia seeds. (You can check out the card I made here!) They're packed with healthy protein and fiber, and adding them to your diet is proven to improve digestive health, boost endurance, and catalyze weight loss.
This refreshing fruity drink provides a natural source of long-lasting energy, while soothing mucus membranes in the digestive system to help treat acid reflux and ulcers. Give it a try; your body will thank you for providing its daily dose of chia, and your mouth will thank you for the yumminess!

Hibiscus Berry Chia Tea

Recipe adapted from Mother Earth Living

What You'll Need

1 to 2 tablespoons hibiscus tea
1 tablespoon organic hibiscus flowers, dried (optional)
1 handful fresh or frozen berries
2 tablespoons raw honey
3 to 4 tablespoons organic chia seeds
1. Make a quart (4 cups) of tea using hibiscus tea (and supplementary hibiscus flowers, if you prefer a more intense floral flavor). Stir in honey while tea is hot. Let cool completely in a large mason jar the fridge.
2. When tea is completely chilled, mash the berries and stir them into the infusion. Add chia seeds and mix well. Let the seeds soak for at least an hour to allow them to gel.
3. When you can't take the waiting anymore, shake up your tea and enjoy it cold! Prepare for a moment of cool, fruity bliss :)
@Animaniafreak That sounds amaaazing. I want some right now! I've never had the "real" hibiscus tea, so I don't know! Maybe the hibiscus flowers are of lower quality. Either way, I definitely want to go to Taiwan and try it for myself :D
One of the best floral/herbal tea I had was the hibiscus tea while travelling in Taiwan, the hibiscus were naturally Sun-dried for several days and have this strong, pungent hibiscus fragrance. It was served icy cold with Logan honey, sweet, tangy and full flavoured ruby-colored tea. Hibiscus tea has been my favourite herbal tea ever since! But all the hibiscus I bought from shop can't compare to the ones I had in Taiwan, they somehow taste more bland? I wonder if it's because they are oven-dried, not Sun-dried?
thanks @ allischaaff going to try this
Ugh can you make this for me @allischaaff
No prob @2littlelegs hope you enjoy :) and yes of course @TessStevens! I'll teleport some to you ;)