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Today in the News...

1. Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump got into a bit of a disagreement. Both of them are refusing to apologize for their comments. - by @cullenquigley You could say that neither of them want to be TRUMPed by the other.
2. Shakespeare had a bit of a secret, and to put it bluntly, Shakespeare was a stoner. The evidence was found in his old pipes that were found in the grassinity of his home.
3. Australians are turning vegemite into moonshine. - by @danidee
At yeast the government has finally caught on. Looks like they are keeping real boozy cracking down!
4. An Alabama senator set up a GoFundMe account for the state. He is trying to make a state-ment by fixing his sweet home in a very, uh, unconventional way.
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Why do you feel it will affect families the most? Because of Medicaid funds being cut? I must admit I’m not fully aware of the situation there, but I know there are some serious problems @chandnip804
Oh no I have nothing against the state at all! I just think they really need some help (and also this news story was pretty funny) @chandnip804
This is actually true
@nicolejb, there was a whole list of things sent out that will be cut or they will slash funds. I won't say that not everyone will feel it, they will but people with families will feel it more because of all the things in the list. I hope they don't go through it all. Funding for parks will be cut as well, and that's something that will affect everyone. And there is more. It's sad because I feel like many people will lose their jobs. This will affect everyone here in some way.
@nicolejb, I see. Alabama does need help that's true. And it's going to affect those with family more than single women. I know everyone will feel it but those with families will feel it more. I just hate that they might reduce police force. That's one thing I haven't been a fan of.
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