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For as modern and advanced as we are, there still is nothing like a good old fashioned note pad to jot things down. Like when you're playing Muggins. Gotta keep score somehow! I hope you like this project, it looks really easy to do.

Supplies Needed:

plain copy paper (10 sheets per notepad)
thin cardboard (recycle a cereal box for this!)
PVA book binding glue
clips or small clamps
You want to print out your photos using about 70% transparency. This will make it easy to see the image and read your notes. Make sure you fit as many pictures per sheet as you can.
Next, using a guillotine paper cutter, cut out the paper. If you don't have one, your local office supply store copy center can cut these out for your--easily!
TIP: Make sure the cardboard is cut exactly the same size as your photo.
Whichever end you want to have glue, you need to tap it down onto a hard surface like a counter. YOU NEED THIS EDGE OF THE NOTE PAD TO BE STRAIGHT AND FLAT--NOT HAPHAZARD.
Clip down to secure the pages from moving and apply the glue. A little goes a long way, so don't apply too much. Use a throw-away paint brush to apply if you prefer.
Let this dry for a few hours or overnight.
Take the clips off and begin using your beautiful photo note pad! This is also a cute idea to give as gifts! For more photo projects, please click here!