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Me if Mino gets eliminated.. I might not resurface all weekened
AOMG performance was Amazing!!!
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I feel you, girl. I'm dying @PrettieeEmm I don't wanna know who wins but I do and its killing me.....
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@PassTheSuga ugh watching this last ep I kept biting my nails. I kinda know in what direction its going but still its nerve wracking
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@PrettieeEmm uuuuuggghhh I think I know where it's headed too but I'm not readyyyyy (╥_╥) lol.....this episode had me on a roller coaster....I'm still pissed about the whole Blacknut/Hanhae fiasco....
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@PassTheSuga omg it was such a cheat.. They knew they couldn't win without him.. they're the reason it's become this way.. Those producers should be rhe Ines getting eliminated
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