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Previously, I showed you how to make really cute cat coasters out of clay. Did you see them? Click here if you didn't. Anyhow, this is another cute idea for coasters. Instead, this one is made out of rope!

Supplies Needed:

white felt
1/4" drawstring cord (1 1/2 yard)
neon cord
large yarn needle (big enough for the neon cord to fit through)-\
glue gun
fabric scissors
white electrical tape
Begin with a piece of drawstring cord that is about 48" long. Wrap each end with electrical tape to keep the cord from fraying and trim the cord so only a 1/4" of the taped cord still remains.
Starting at one end, coil the rope in a circular pattern and use the hot glue gun to secure the coil as you go. Keep gluing and coiling until the whole cord is attached. Tuck the end of the cord under the edge of the coil out of sight.
Glue the end in place on the bottom side of the rope coil.
Thread your yarn needle with the neon cord, and, starting from the bottom, begin to sew a series of two side by side stitches scattered throughout your coaster. You can make your stitches all the same length or vary them.
Hot glue the bottom of the coasters onto a piece of white felt. Place something heavy on them (like a big book) for a few minutes while the glue cools, and then trim the excess felt from around the edges.
Enjoy your favorite chilled summer beverage with these cute and thrifty coasters! For more summer projects, be sure to click here!