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How Adorable is this CUTE donut apron?! Sometimes when I am feeling really bad, I go to the Dunkin Donuts near my house and order six lemon filled donuts! I am only slightly embarrassed that I can shove all of them into my stomach in a thirty-minute span. Now mind you, I need to have it with my coffee and a good nap after. Can you blame me?!
For this EASY diy, you need access to a printer and a plain apron.


plain white apron
iron-on transfer paper
donut photo
1. Go to Google and find your favorite donut photos that are png files with white background. Choose 3-4 different ones so there is some variety.
2. Arrange these images onto 8 1/2 x 11 file ready for printing.
3. Print your images on the iron-on transfer paper.
4. Arrange the images on your apron and turn over.
5. Iron the transfers onto your apron.
6. After the iron-on transfers have been ironed on, gently remove the transfer to reveal the images permanently on the apron.
I am so loving this cute apron! It gives me ideas for doing other foods too like cupcakes, ice cream cones, cookies...so many ideas! What will you do? Be sure to click here to see even more cute projects that you can do.