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Hello fellow Vinglers! I've been obsessed with K-Pop for a couple years now and have racked up a long and intense list of biases and groups that I'm in love with. BUT. We all have those ULTIMATE biases, that go beyond just being your bias in that group. And here I am to share mine! If anyone else wants to make an Ultimate Bias card, it could turn into a fun, sharing community thing. (Plus I can look at gorgeous k-poppers) Here we go! *in no particular order
Peniel from BtoB! He is the Korean-American cutie pie who is known for his wonderful personality and being extremely friendly.
Sexy wierdo bassist Jungshin from CNBlue! He is a giant goof and could rock some long locks before, but dangggg does he not look gorgeous with the short coif. This giant kid is model perfection.
Yugyeom from GOT7!!! Okay but don't judge me because he's a baby. I literally took a year to pick my bias in this group and it's because he is adorable and dances like a boss! I can't help but adore him.
Hyunseung from B2ST. Now this boy, although my biases don't have an order, is probably number one. His dancing, his awkward charms, his singing. Ugh. I love him.
Jinyoung from B1A4! The talent is strong in this leader! He's gorgeous, 4-D, and extremely talented. He cares so much about music and you can just tell the passion. Also his acting is brilliant.
DongWoo from Infinite! Dancing, lovely, gorgeous doofus. That is all. His hips don't lie.
Daesung from Big Bang! He is one of the sweetest seeming idols to me, and also pretty heartbreaking. I wish he would get a Korean solo but man, his Japanese solo album was wonderful. Shut Up!
Those are all of them! I definitely have more biases, but these are my head babies. Now, I want to include a BTS member, but I don't have a strong bias yet (Jimin and Jin are in constant battle). So they'll be added someday when I decide. Lol. Sorry it was so long 馃槀馃槀
i only have two ultimate biases (so far) Taemin and Leo. They are my top babies, lol.
lol me too for BTS Jimin and Jin are in a war to win my heart.
@baileykayleen i've been a kpop fan since 2009 and i have a huge chunk of just kpop biases. don't want to imagine my kdrama biases. Only the ultimates have special places, lol.
@YolandaEngland those are a good two to have! I'm just crazy and have wayyy too many. :)
@amycarranza96 I know! It's too difficult to pick an ultimate bias in that group. You have Jimin who is so cute and abs and funny, and Jin who is handsome and cooks and precious. How does one pick!?