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So I just got back from South Korea for a month. :) I was super blessed to get the opportunity as a kpopper to live there with some family who teaches English in Pohang. I appreciated more than just the kpop. It was the people, the community, vibe, culture, and FOOD!! I had an amazing time and I will post more pictures of my adventures there. :)
Sooooooooooooo jealous but seriously awesome that you're sharing this with us 。^‿^。
Oh that's very difficult. I went all around the country and they each have a different vibe. I would say Gangnam was my least favorite just because it's a business city more than a tourist place. I loved Busan for the baseball games and beach. Seoul was very hectic and too overwhelming for me. But I spent most of my time in Pohang so I felt more comfortable there. :) @poojas
just vacation. :) I had family out there so I stayed with them. they worked during the week though so my sister and I just got to wander the streets of Korea. XD @poojas
@felicityautumn Wow, awesome! :)
@felicityautumn Ahh, that's awesome. What were your favorite places that you visited?
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