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Hey guys! ^_^ My name is Keikokup (irl name Linnea Kataja), and I am an aspiring manga artist. I am currently a Cartooning major at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. When I'm not drawing manga or working on projects, I enjoy various anime, manga, comic and kpop fandoms. I want to create manga inspired by my life growing up in NYC and my otaku interests, but most of all as a Christian I hope I can create manga that can inspire and uplift readers. If you have any questions about manga creation and such, feel free to send me a message! ^_^
Favorite mangaka's:
1. Peach-pit (Shugo Chara, Rozen Maiden)
2. Moto Hagio (Heart of Thomas)
3. Ema Toyama (Koko ni Iru Yo!, Watashi ni xx Shinasai)
4. Kaoru Mori (Emma, A Bride's Story)
5. Arina Tanemura (Full Moon, The Gentleman's Alliance)
Favorite Anime (A lot of them are movies though xD):
1. 5 Cm Per Second
2. When Marnie Was There
3. Wolf Children
4. Summer Wars
5. Madoka Magica
6. Any anime by Key (Little Busters, Clannad, Angel Beats...)...and a lot more xD
I'm also currently obsessed with Love Live! (both the mobile game and anime)
I'm hoping to see more artists come onto Vingle. I'm on here to promote my own work, and I really like the community and think other artists would benefit as well. If you like to draw, don't be afraid to post! ^_^
And while I'm at it, I'll take this time to show you guys my manga series as well!
1. Red Heaven
Story Synopsis: To Akane Akiyama, the idea of telling the boy she likes her feelings would be impossible, especially because they've never even talked before! But when a new art class project is presented which is based on drawing someone "dear or important to the artist," everything starts changing. Will Akane have the courage to draw her feelings for the one person on her heart?
This was one of the first manga series I drew seriously, and it will always be dear to me. The whole story is available to read here:
2. The Witch House
Story Synopsis: Despite her friend’s warnings, Aria enters the “Witch House” to join the Witch’s party. However, Aria comes to realize that the party isn’t all fun as things take a turn for the worse. Can Aria escape the Witch House before it’s too late?
This is the first of my newer works that I created in college. It's a print only comic, and you can find out more about it here:
3. A Maid Story
Story Synopsis: Haruka Devine is the head maid at the #1 Maid Cafe in New York City. She is admired by all for her beauty and grace, but she holds some dark secrets...including the fact that she spends her whole paycheck on anime and manga merchandise! But there is more to this maid than her beauty and otaku hobbies, as we delve into a dark past stained with depression and abandonment. Will this maid be able to face her past, or will she continue to use her otaku obsessions to mask her true feelings?
And this is my newest work which will be released this month! By then I hope to have my online shop set up so it can be bought through there. I will also be selling it at Waku Waku NYC at the end of this month, along with The Witch House.
And that's all! Like I said, if you have any questions about manga creation, or just want to squee over fandoms together, feel free to leave a comment/send a message! Thanks for reading :D
Other sites I'm on:
Instagram: @keikokup
This is awesome @KeikoKup. I am excited to learn more about your works! @AimeeH @biancadanica98 @DanRodriguez @caitlind9898 @Kamiamon you guys might wanna check out this cool stuff. :D
@AimeeH Nice to meet you too! Thanks so much <3 @poojas Thank you!
@biancadanica98 thank you! It's nice to meet you too ^_^
It's nice to meet you, and your beautiful art!
@caitlind9898 thanks, nice to meet you too!
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