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Well at least for me it is.
Well so I'm going to tell you something awesome and that is how I got into the world of anime (Not only the world of anime but I continued entering worlds and yeah i like it. K_POP k-drama etc) (this is my first card) Well I know what anime is since I was born, and it didn't call my attetion so I never bother to pay any attetion to it but my older brother always tried make me an anime addict but I was stronger. so he got tired of me and got the middle child to be an anime addict (So the middle child is older than me and is also a boy, so i'm the only girl and the smallest one too.) Then he got my mother to be an anime addict and i'm the last one standing. Then on one normal day my older brother was watching an anime the first episode and i was passing by and thought "nice song" so I thought "let me watched the first episode with him. BUT WHEN I REALIZE IT WAS ALREADY THE 10 EPISODE and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my brother got me I think that he set that trap for me and I fall for it whyyyyyy. now I was watching anime and I couldnt stop. ------ >.<-------- DEATH NOTE WAS THE ANIME THAT GOT ME HERE
sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo One day I saw my mom watching this cool anime so I asked her "what is the name of that thing" and so after five seconds I finished INUYASHA. Inuyasha I just fell in love with that anime. <(*_*)> That anime is the best and if you have not watch it then what are you doing with your life???? NO SERIOUSLY GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW
SOOOO all I have to say about this anime is whyyyyy THIS anime is the best and is cute and the best and awesome ohh did I mention awesome. THIS ANIME HAD ME CRYING A LOT (A friend got me to watch this anime and she also got me into k-pop and k-drama (maybe I can make a card of that in the future) I still cant get over this anime
SO this anime is good. This anime had me thinking about life and the future and i don't like to think about life or the future (even thought I'm a senior and i have to start thinking about life and the future, but i'm only 14. Yes i'm 14 and i'm a senior in school) This anime had me thinking "why do I even try to live" "what is life" but then after 5 hours I found a new anime so I stop thinking that and started thinking "yes I live for anime" SO if you like to think about things then NANA is for you. NANA just that name, I think that I will watch it again in the future.
so I get scare really easy and this anime did not scared me. so yeeeeessssssss (my older brother told me to watch it so I did. He also told the middle child to watch it and he got creeped out so i feel accomplish!!) I will amite it this anime is creepy SO IF YOU LIKE CREEPY THINGS ELFEN LIED IS FOR YOU
THIS anime my older brother told me to watch it but I just watched the first episode and I was like NOPE but I will definitely watch it when I improve on not getting scare so easy. I PROMISE!! I know that this is kind of similar to elfen lied but I don't know why I got scare by MIRAI NIKI so yeah if you like creepy thing watch this anime
SSSSSSSSSO this anime I started watching with my older brother. I just watched the first season and I'm dying to watch the second season. But my older brother is telling me to not watch the second season and to read the manga. TOKYO GHOUL is scary but not so scary so you should watch this anime is AWESOME so watch it.
OMG this anime is soooooo good and OMG is perfect I love it ANIME I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE MY LIFE. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST is a good anime for anyone at first i did not want to watch it because I thought that it was too scary for me but yeah there are some episodes that got me pretty scare but it was worth it.
I have watch a lot more anime but I decided to put the ones that I remembered. If you want me to do more cards please tell me because I live to write and it improves my english too so yeah and give me ideas on the things that you want me to write like how I got into k-pop or k-drama and yeah.
I'm not new at this community I have been here since the beginning of summer but I was just a viewer now I want o write more because it feels good to write for people. (and sorry if this card is not good, is like this because I was finish my mater piece, but then I close the page and lost everything I wrote so after An hour of frustration I started to write it again.) I'm so stupide <(-_-)>
This is an AMAZING card. You are a great story teller. I also got into anime because of Deathnote! And you are NEVER alone in the anime community, right guys? @AimeeH @DanRodriguez @biancadanica98 @cailtind9898 @NerukaWong @Kamiamon @nenegrint14 @BPF1916? And please do more cards :D We would love to see them :)
I can feel all your feels while reading this!
@nenegrint14 thank you and nice to meet you too. I wish I could kidnap one of my friends so that they can watch anime with me.
And I love InuYasha! I'm re watching all of the seasons with my friend haha
@MaatiCasanova no problem dear! :) Thank you!
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