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Hi everyone... I'm Veronica and i have many interests that include reading, writing, KPOP, and ANIME. I've been watching anime for 20 years...yes 20 years you have read that right and your eyes are not deceiving you. I started at the grand old age of 8. I am engaged ro a fellow anime lover and raising a son that loves anime. My favorite and older brother introduced me to the lovely works of anime along with my younger siblings. He would sit us down after school and have something on. I don't remember the name of the first anime he turned me on. But the first anime I Remer falling in love with was Sailor Moon where Rae was my favorite.
Ronin Warriors, Dragon Ball Z, and Cowboy Bebop where amines I watched with my older brother and still do when feeling nostalgic.
Inuyasha my first fictional Love i mean I'm still not over this anime. i will forever be in love with this half demon. i love all sides of him and how he always underestimated himself but in the end proved himself wrong....i mean i just let can't talk about this without getting teary eyed...
Full Metal Alchemist my second love. The story about family relations made me so jealous. I mean I wished I had a relationship And Friendship Like Al and Ed. I mean Ed would do anything get his brother Al's body back for him But the cool epic battles magic and well written scenes Keep it as one of my top five
Finally my favorite all time NARUTO there are many reasons why I love this show...Mainly because I see myself in Naruto. From his perseverance, ever hopeful attitude and a dreamer. Most of all his best quality loyalty. He never gives up on his friends and make people who at first think he's a total idiot a believer in him. He is such an optimist.
plus Naruto has awesome power behind hi ninja skills. He is a hopeless romantic but realizes his feelings for my favorite all time anime female Hinata with her gentle ways and always loving naruto from behind...OK enough about the lead who I would marry and spend an eternity with in an instant and who my seven year old son adores and is being for halloween. other awesome characters in Naruto are: kakashi, rock lee, neji, gaara, bee, Pervy sage, sasuke, sakura, shikamoru and so many more.
Here are a collection of gifs that give a taste of how awesome naruto is
There are many more anime I enjoy but these in the list below are part of my top ten: 1. Naruto 2. Inuyasha 3. Full Metal Alchemist 4. trinity blood 5. cowboy bebop 7. Ouran high host club 8. sailor moon 9. High school of the dead 10. The irregular at magic high...
and YOU ARE ME because we all love anime. Thanks @poojas for tagging me.
@vanemunos I can't even comprehend a life without anime
@AimeeH isn't it great being in love with amine
Yaaaay! Thanks for doing this. 20 years is amazing. You are one epic anime fan. Glad to have you here and hope to get to know you better :D Ouran high school host club is one of my top 5 :) @biancadanica98 @AimeeH @Kamiamon @NerukaWong @DanRodiguez check out his awesome intro! ^^
Those are all great animes! ^^ And wow, to keep loving anime for 20 years is amazing! :D
@VeronicaArtino Yes it is!
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