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Smh who says such things?
Now they're starting to attack my ig account. Can you get more immature?
@danietate never ♡ wouldn't stoop so low. I know jinwoo would be upset if his fans went so low ♡
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First of all.....who taught them grammar??? They need summer school.
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UPDATE: i havent been on ig for hours but one of them just commented on my pic telling me to go die lol.
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hey just remember. us kpopper her a respectable image to up hold . our baises idols and oppas wouldn't want us to stoop down to their levels
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@aimeeh you should have seen the other girl omg iy was on some random pic but she was cursing me out all because I told her she could be a waitress from her narrowmindedness. I think that's the most insulting thing I've ever said LOL
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