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One comedic genius and one musical genius.

Stephen Colbert likes to get sentimental every now and then, so he picked the guy who performed on the last Colbert Report to perform on the first Late Show. That guy just happens to be, in my opinion, one of the best rappers around right now - Kendrick Lamar.
Not only is he musically talented, he's incredibly smart. His music tackles tons of societal problems and outside of it, he does pretty cool stuff in the community, recently visiting schools in urban communities to use hip hop to get kids excited about education. I'm excited to see what kind of discussions he and Colbert (another super smart dude) get into on The Late Show.
More than that, I want to see him perform. I almost got to see him at a music festival a while back, but just missed him and I've been bummed ever since!! I've heard awesome things about his performances, but for now I'll just have to settle for watching him on The Late Show.

To get you guys as excited as I am about Kendrick, here are a couple of my favorite songs.