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Wontaek(VIXX LR) Fanfic
Hello all! In light of vixx lr being announced i feel like its a perfect oppurtunity to promote this story. warning have tissues near by haha http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/813466/as-long-as-eternity-lasts-angst-vixx-taekwoon-wonshik-wontaek
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@AgentLeo When are you going to add more? It's SSSOO good!! I love it!
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I wish I had stopped to read the description and the warnings before hand... Cried my eyes out because I was too stubborn to stop after it started going down hill 馃槱
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@Tamaki1618 so sorry haha~~~
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@XergaB20 should be soon~~
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