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Ummm...I'm into Anime...???
I'm certainly no Anime junkie (addict, or whatever). I've resisted it pretty well up until now, but I will definitely say that once one peaks my interest there is NO turning back!! So, how did I get here? Let's see:
The very first anime I started was Fooly Cooly (FLCL)...I guy who I was trying to get into dramas wanted to make a trade. He'd watch a K-drama if I watched an anime. He suggested FLCL...
I watched the first two episodes and I was like, "WTF??? Anime is weird!". Did you watch this? With the things growing out of his body from aliens. STRANGE. And I vowed that I'd never see another. Until....he suggested this:
DRRR. Durarara was like the best thing I'd ever seen. It gave me the perfect amount of anxiety and stress and had such a pleasing twist it was everything a K-drama should be. I didn't like that all the girls had huge boobs, but hey, whatever, man.
Then I ventured out on my own and struck gold...
Have you seen Death Note??? I can only describe it as AMAZEBALLS. I remember going on a road trip to Dallas and while my friends jammed out I put in my headphones, plugged my cell into a charger, logged onto Netflix, and binged for the 7 hour trip (I have an unlimited data plan). The ending brought me to tears but I loved every second of it.
I watched the next two because the guy I was dating at the time was watching them. (I found out later that he had some sort of repressed Asian fetish or something...we're no longer together...obvi)
I thought Black Butler was kind of strange. Why was his name Sebastian? Why would the demon butler dedicate himself like that? I watched it but I wasn't all that into it.
Then Attack on Titan. What can I say about it? You've all seen it. It's wonderful.
And that's the end of the journey pre-VIngle and pre-@poojas lol. Watching the first season of Tokyo Ghoul was wonderful and I can't wait to watch season 2 with you guys on Sat!
*All pictures taken from DEVIANTART.COM
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