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This card was inspired by @shannonl5 and @TessStevens. Please forgive the total suckyness of the illustrations...a near sighted guy that's all thumbs made them...(glad I didn't pay the no talent hack)
Entertaining your children can be a fun thing to do...unfortunately they outgrow while you stay stuck in a rut.
Team work between parents is a us against them!!! Trouble is they got time on their side young...
Sooner or later ya gotta be prepared to have...THE TALK!!! You might want to have some an answer ready.
Let's just say my dad did it to me so...
Of course every dads princess sooner or later meets an ogre...sigh gonna need a bigger gun...
Well those are some of my views on Parenting. If they seem like they were incoherent or seemed pointless...what can I say? My kids drive me nuts!!! Seriously!!! HEEEEELLLLPPPPP MEEEEEEEE!!!!
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@buddyesd awwww <3 not to speak for everyone else but I'm really glad you're here!
@shannonl5 thanx :) that means more than I got words for :D
My son is 7 and constantly asks me how he came out of my stomach....i will share one thing that cracks me up....He calls his private parts his privacy....but it makes sense....Also he went through a stage for about two years going around saying boys have penises and girls have Vagiants!! my son is hilarious, crazy, imaginative and weird like his momma...
@VeronicaArtino that is so cute lol