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Two more weeks before summer vacation is officially over, so this is your chance to go out before the busy school your begin. Watch a movie (I recommend Mission Impossible 5), enjoy a fancy dinner with a group of friends, or go on a date. Don't know what to wear or how to do your hair? Friday night hair, makeup and outfit - everything is taken care of in this card!
Simple Side Dutch Braid
Optional: You can curl your hair to give it extra volume.
Part your hair to your favorite side. From the side with the least hair, divide into three sections and start Dutch braiding. Once you reach the back of your neck, secure it with a hair elastic.
Makeup Ideas
I'm not a makeup expert but so I avoid full face makeup. I normally put on the basics: a lightweight foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. No contour and no blush. It's way to advance for me. Follow the diagram above for a step-by-step instruction on how to get a sparkly smokey eye. You'll need a pencil eye liner for cat eye, two shadow (purple and brown), and eye shimmer.
Just in case you haven't already notice, I'm going with a "star bright" theme. So, of course I have to pair the hair and makeup with a starry dress. The dress above is found on Mango. Currently on sale for $29.99 (original $59.99). It's sleeveless and gives you flexibility to layer with cardigan or leather jacket. Wear it with ankle boots, flats, sneakers or heels.