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Ha Ji Won spoke about her chemistry with Lee Seung Gi. The interview of actress Ha Ji Won who plays the role of Kim Hang Ah on MBC’s ‘The King 2heart’ was featured on the drama’s homepage on the 10th. During the interview Ha Ji Won spoke about the chemistry between her and her co-star actor Lee Seung Gi. Ha Ji Won stated, “The chemistry with Lee Seung Gi is much better as we get towards the second half of the drama. In the beginning there were lots of little mind games and such. Right now, however, they walk together heart and mind as one.” Ha Ji Won added, “I cry just looking at Lee Seung Gi’s eyes during filming. Our chemistry is that good”, showing off their perfect couple chemistry. As the most memorable scene of the ‘The King 2hearts’ Ha Ji Won picked the engagement party scene aired on May 9th and on the 10th. Ha Ji Won explained, “We filmed it in such a grand scale that it really was the ‘Engagement party scene of the century.’ A fan later told me it felt strange because it felt as though I was really getting engaged. The filming really stays in my mind because I have this memory with a fan as well.” In a related news, the May 10th episode of ‘The King 2hearts’ averaged 10.2% ratings. Source: NewsEN via Nate Crd: