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Everytime I think im going to go to brain is just like: "Big Bang Big Bang We Back again one more time say no way no way"
I dont even know......its just that one line lol This isnt even the first time ,for example: Once upon a time.... I was at the doctors office in the waiting room and then all of a sudden my brain was just like "EVERYBODY EVERYBODY EVERY EVERY BODY" ........yeah thats my life lol (The song in the video is Big Bang "Tonight" the other one the was referenced is "Everybody" by SHINee :P)
Do you guys ever just have a random verse from a song stuck in you head at a bad time?? Let me know :P
Yup ! All the time :)
Basically all I ever hear in my mind is "freaky freaky heck yeah" I don't even like zutter that much xD my brain seems to though.
Great and can you visit my account?
all the time like at work my brains either thinking about GD's beginning part in zutter or bts dope rap monsters part in the beginning or bts just one day chorus lol