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Okay so I just realized all of my biases are 4D AF. Seriously. For example, Onew, T.O.P, Jackson, and everyone in BTS (admit it, they are all 4D. Well, Besides Taehyung. He's an alien. But still). WHY DO I ALWAYS FALL FOR THE FREAKING WEIRDOS OF THE GROUP. WHY CANT MY BIASES BE NORMAL.
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srsly, half of the kpop groups aren't even considered normal. :)
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I think it is because they are the traits we wish we could embrace in ourselves but we usually don't or we do. I like the weirdos and the quiet ones.
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@VeronicaArtino Me too! And the quiet ones are always the best people because they are always full of surprises once they open up a bit.
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@aliciasalinas right I love g dragon in the videos he's like you go first I'm too shy...then on stage he is amazing
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I think everyone of the kpop stars we like are weird. Some just act normal. Like me. I try to look normal on the outside, but on the inside I'm this weird person who loves to be crazy, loud, and talk about weird stuff with friends. Ex: My friends and I one day got into the topic about how Daddy Long Legs aren't actually spiders because they only have one body part instead of two. Like I said, weird.
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