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Belajar Bahasa Korea - Tidak Ada Kata (Hyun Bin, Secret Garden)

전 세계가 약 230개국이고 그중에 나같은 사람 은 5개국어를 하잖아? 그럼에도 불구하고 우리 가 무슨 사인지 규정할 말이 없네? There are around 230 countries in whole word and person like me speak like 5 languages. Despite of that, there are no words to describe our kind of relationship Secret Garden by Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) 전 (jeon) - seluruh 세계 (se gye) - dunia 약 (yak) - sekitar 개 (kae) - menunjukan satuan 국 (kuk) - negara 그중에 (keu jung e) - di antara 나 같은 (na kateun) - seperti saya 사람 (saram) - orang 국어 (kugo) - bahasa 하잖아? (hajana) - grammar +잖아 - tahu kan, lu tahu digunakan untuk menekankan suatu alasan atau pernyataan .. 그럼에도 불구하고 - (keurom edo bulkuhago) - gramamar 불구하고 untuk menyatakan kontradiksi.. - meskipun, walaupun 우리 (uri) - kita 무슨 (museun) - what kind / seperti apa 사인지 (sainji) - 사이 (sai) = hubungan + bentuk 인지 - menunjukkan ketidaktahuan/kebingungan .. contoh penggunaan : 무슨 사인지 ? (hubungan seperti apa) 어떤 사람인지 ? (orang seperti apa) 규정할 말이 (kyujong hal mari) - 규정 - definisi/arti. 말 - kata kata yang bisa mendefinisikan 없네? 없다 + akhiran 네 .. 네 hanya ending kalimat (level 하게체) .. di dunia ini ada kira2 230 negara dan di antaranya orang seperti aku ini bicara 5 bahasa. meski begitupun tak ada kata yang bisa mendefinisikan hubungan kita ini..
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Why I am so obsessed with Koreans..?
I fell in love with Lee MinHo and that started everything.. watching his stuff I met Kim Woo Bin. after that I watched so many dramas and I fell for each one of them. Yoo Seung Ho..he is gorgeous I saw him in Missing You and Worrior Bek Dong Soo with Ji Jang Wook. Ji Sung was great in Kill Me Heal me.. I also saw some Historical with him. I fell for Seo In Guk on The King's Face.. He look stunning with the costume. and Hyun Bin.. well we all fell for him in The Secret Garden.. So Ji Sub, Kim Jae Joon, and Song Seung Heon. I saw their drama too.. Triangle. The Master's Sun and my Princess.. and more... Kim Soo Hyun.. caught my heart in My love from Another Star. even my mom like it . lol. I watch Jumong because I like historical. There I fell for Song Il Guk. I liked it so much I continue watching The Kingdom of the Winds which is like part 2 of Jumong. That cutie Kim Hyung Joong was my second lead sindrome whe I watched BOF. Song Joon Ki I saw him on that school scandal Drama hahaa is to hard to spell for me. then I watch the Good Guy and Wolf Boy..Lee Joon ki. he has such a beautiful face I saw all of his stuff the same goes for Jang Geun Suk.. I also watch his music Videos I love his voice.. Song Jae Rim and Lee Min Ki.. I just like them. I saw them together in a music video I forgot ..I think is called the Day After or before.. something like that.. plus I seen Jaerim dramas and We Got married. Rain.. I fell for him in Full house then I watch few more dramas with him the last one was My Loveble Girl.. love the music in this drama. And everyone loves Lee Jong Suk haha he is adorable. I watched Pinocchio twice. Lee Soo Hyuk.. he is astonishingly handsome.. And he was Deabak on The Scholar Who Walks the Night...Lee Dong Wook the first time I saw him was in Scent of a Woman and then the rest. Kim Nam Gil, I watched him first in Bad Guy and look for one with a happy ending rarely he dies in most of the dramas.. Kang Ji Hwan.. I fell for him in Lie To Me.. it was romantic and funny and Hong Gin Don too I think that's how is called lol. and Yoo Ah In omg.. this boy is gorgeous, I saw all his dramas and now i am watching Six Flying Dragons..that's how everything started. .Now I am crazy about the KPOP groups too..oh well..there is no cure for this unless to move to South Korea . haha