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Thanks to @poojas for tagging me in this. I've been meaning to do an introduction card for both the anime and K-pop community for a while now but I kept putting it off. Yes, I have a folder named anime. It contains an innumerable amount of sub folders. Sometimes I look through it and find folders containing animes that I didn't even know I had.
When did I start watching anime? I honestly don't remember. Probably around the time I was four or five because in a community full of Asian people who didn't watch Pokemon, yu gi oh, and digimon? From there I expanded my horizons and started watching animes like one piece, naruto, fullmetal alchemist, etc. Probably not stuff I should be watching as a first grader but it was what they showed on toonami.
Recently I've (re)watched cowboy bebop, death note, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, and Stein's Gate. Some anime that I have enjoyed over the years and would recommend that you all watch are (in no particular order): durarara (season 1), another, beyond the boundary, anohana, hyouka, cowboy bebop, death note (I can't be the only one who's totally in love with L), Naruto, Ohshc, angel beats, and attack on Titan. There are sooooo many more that I would recommend but I didn't want my list to be too long. I tried my best to incorporate different genres but I've been on a slice of life binge watch lately so many of the anime I listed are in the sol genre. I'm a total studio ghibli fan. I own pretty much all movies released by them.
Some of my all time favorite anime characters are Izaya and Shizuo (durarara), L, Itachi uchiha, gaara (is it bad to say that I liked him better when he was a cold hearted?), Oreki (hyouka), and LEVI. Levi is currently my favorite character since he's so badass but oreki is definitely my spirit animal minus the whole "I can solve every mystery I encounter" thing. Oops, my mom is yelling at me so I guess I better wrap this up. This is me anime community. Come talk to me about anime, I don't bite. I'll probably make a card about myself (personality wise) sooner or later so hopefully we can be friends. Oh wait I forgot an anime! Pet girl of sakurasou. I'd definitely recommend that you guys watch it since its so relatable in some aspects while still being light hearted and funny. btw I posted the pictures in order of how I listed the anime just in case any of you were interested in watching the anime I mentioned.
L is awesome!!!! Totally love him! <3
@JustinaNguyen Hello! it's nice to meet you. I too am a fan of death note and Love L.
Loved Dbz
I forgot to mention dragon ball z! I probably watched dbz twice as often as I watched digimon growing up...
You are a Deathnote AND Studio Ghibli fan? We are going to be great friends XD Thanks for doing the intro! :D