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We all know Taeyang as an amazing performer who seems to endeavor to give of himself greatly on and off the stage.
He is known for constantly pushing himself to new and higher heights. So, it is not unusual for him to want to take his fan service to the next level as well.
Although this new format of fan service may seem odd at first glance, I believe that it well thought out, planned, and thoroughly researched before being executed on the public. This all stemmed from one question. How can an exhausted celebrity still go above and beyond for the fans even when they're to tired move? I believe Taeyang's research led him to the one many called Pootie Tang.
Observe how Pootie Tang deals with a fan who has followed him home. He calmly, but firmly quiets her with an unexpected gesture of care and gentleness.
The fan is so distracted by this unanticipated action, that Pootie Tang is able to safely escape into his home with ease.
We are led to believe that this fan has been left without nothing to show for her efforts as we see her plead with Pootie Tang through the door.
As we observe the intensification of the fan's plights we began to sympathize with her ever so slightly.
Just when the fan and we the observers think all is lost, Pootie does something for the fan so out of the box that it leaves her speechless.
Milk...A simple bowl of milk...
Observe how happy the fan is for this gift from the celebrity who holds her heart.
The fan is completely satisfied by this usual, but effective service.

Summation: Feed the fans! Taeyang is a genius!

That was cutee!!! Giving out food for fans
The banana tho haha I would have grabbed his hands give him a hi-five then take off
JB is GD then. Totally lol.
@danidee Oooo! Good question! She handled everything like a true G, played the backseat with no problems....TOP Definitely...TOP Plus you know she liked to get her dance on! Ah! TOP for sure!
@danidee What you know about Biggy Shorty? LOLOLOLOLOLOL She too hilarious.
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