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Am I the only person who is appalled by these books? I'm not discriminating our hating, but during my teenage years, these stories stated to become cliche for my taste. I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who can actually predict these stories based on the cover---girl meets boy, things happen between them that they did not expect, then they "make love". Am I alone?
Yeah you guys all make good points. @TerrecaRiley you're not alone, I've definitely found boy-meets-girl plots more and more boring as I get older... It's just, these books never do anything new. And I think that's sort of what keeps them from being art. They're pure commerce. I'm all for people expressing themselves and their sensuality, but these books are an easy target to make fun of.
yes that's true. there's nothing wrong with light reading. it keeps you entertained and all. @shannonl5
@adila @TerrecaRiley I don't think there's anything wrong with that per se? I have a friend who has a collection of books she calls "popcorn" because it's light reading. Not very 'nutritional', but sometimes you just want to read something easy I think. It probably shouldn't be the only thing you read for sure.
I totally agree. the problem with these books is also why they sell. I think readers only look forward to the drama rather than the moral of the story. yknow? it may lack depth and meaning but its enough for a simple reader looking for drama and a crazy plot
Lots of people like them lol. They sell well. @shannonl5
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