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so there was a random guy walking around kcon and I guess lots of people thought he was an idol because his look was just so good..they would all stop him and ask to take pics......well of course it being me.....I had to get a pic too haha
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So he goes everywhere. Lol. Hes gonna get famous i swear
2 years ago·Reply
No wonder he looks familiar. He looks like xiah junsu
2 years ago·Reply
He is hot hahaha he will become famous and you can show the world that you new em way before he got famous hehehe
2 years ago·Reply
@everiemisfit I got to meet the guy who cosplayed as jimin for the TRBtour
2 years ago·Reply
@heidichiesa that's awesome! And oh man what eye candy haha
2 years ago·Reply