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I'm both a Directioner and a kpopper so I've refrained from voting since it wouldn't be fair to choose between the two;however, some of the things that people are saying make me mad. I know that not all Directioner's are like this because I am one, but those immature fans on twitter drive me mad. These are some of the tweets I found. "Thailand hookers"? How rude can you get? And the worst thing is that some of those immature fans have the audacity to say that they're feminists in their bio when they're sitting there bashing tara aka 6 gorgeous women. I know that we kpop fans have bashed them as well but from the tweets that I've seen directioners are even worse. I hate fanwars. I think they're stupid and I suggest that we just vote and not stoop to that level. BTW I'm not even a t-ara stan. I'm just sick of the fighting. though I do wonder what their insults would be if it were Big Bang, 2nei, or snsd that they were up against...
Oh lawd. If they said anything about bigbang, it would be a death sentence for them. I honestly think I would pop popcorn to watch that strong debate. Point is, you don't call a group hookers because you don't like them. People need to respect others and just admire that while you may not like the person or music, there are fans that adore the singers. Agree to disagree. The Kpop artists go through so much, in terms of training and whatnot. I have the highest respect for all singers. Unfortunately though, some people don't know how to respect others. I hope one direction isn't commending this behavior from their fans. Phew. sorry about the long comment.
@aimeeh no, as hard as I try i cant get through to the immature ones.
@aimeh because they need to grow up and get out of their one band bubble
@JustinaNguyen yeah. Every group will have their up and down. It's part of life, these people are constantly under a microscope and have to be upstanding. But they are humans too, their will be mistakes made. It happens to everyone. Music has no boundaries.
@AimeeH long comments are perfectly alright. most of my comments are practically essays so I can't judge. from what I can tell as a fan the 1d boys are really caring but no matter what they say about their fans' behavior many (though not all) directioners act like sasaengs. I, too, respect all artists since I know they've been through a lot to get to where they are. I was trying to get a Directioner to understand that all groups have their ups and downs but their only response was that Zayn left (〒︿〒)
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